Success Stories

A sixty five year old male, and long time CHC patron, had been experiencing dizziness and headaches for about a year. He believed the symptoms were due to diabetes and began to taking remedies to lower his blood sugar level. One day he came into CHC and engaged a conversation with our staff. As he was describing his symptoms to us, we then checked his blood pressure and saw that it was very high. He later found out that he suffered from hypertension, not diabetes as he thought before. If CHC had not intervened, this elderly man might not be alive today.

A mother and her two children came from Haiti and moved to the U.S. to live with relatives. Two months later, the homeowners became angry because she was unable to pay rent and even threatened to kick her out. She came to Caribbean Help Center and explained her problem to us. We proposed that she enroll in our workforce development program. Upon her enrollment, we assisted her to prepare a resume, fill out several job applications online, and network with local church pastors. After six months, she was on the verge of leaving the US and going back to Haiti, but an employer called us with a job offer. Now she is well off living an independent life with her children. “I don’t know what I will do without Caribbean. God knows my need and creates this center to help me” she said. She is just one of many individuals Caribbean Help Center has helped to adjust to the different ways of this land of opportunity.